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Relations among Cells

Notice that relations between cells are given for ordered pairs of cells. In particular, we may specify a relation for (B 1, A 1) but not vice versa.

 The value of this parameter specifies whether a handover from the cell listed first to the cell listed second in the ordered pair is possible.
  The specified value tells what amount of separation is necessary between the channels assigned to the two cells involved. If this parameter is given, a possibly larger minimum separation due to co-location or a handover relation is not taken into account.
  Interference from one cell into another can be specified in terms of affected area or affected traffic. This is done separately for the downlink and the uplink. For flexibility, we allow to specify interference in either terms. In order to allow comparisons of the different interference ratings, we may supply both kinds of interference ratings at the same time. Interference ratings have to lie between 0.0 and 1.0.

Andreas Eisenblaetter