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We describe the parameters to be given for every cell. Again, optional parameters are marked by asterisks.

Site name
 The value of this parameter gives the name of the cell's site. These names need not be the names actually used in real-world networks. Site names are simply used to determine which cells are served from the same site.
  The value of this parameter gives the sector number of the cell.
  Depending on the demand model in use, the demand is either specified by the number of carriers used in the cell or via the normalized cell traffic.
  Here, the Cartesian coordinates of the cell's site are given. Cartesian coordinates are pairs of x- and y-coordinates.
*Locally blocked channels
  A cell may have locally blocked channels. These channels have to be listed here.
*Co-cell separation
  A default co-cell separation is specified as general information. If this parameter is specified, the co-cell separation for this particular cell is set to the parameter's value.

Andreas Eisenblaetter