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InstanceType of instanceActual Lower boundNew Lower boundActual Upper boundNew Upper boundNote
CELAR 01Minimum Order1616
CELAR 02Minimum Order1414
CELAR 03Minimum Order1414
CELAR 04Minimum Order4646
CELAR 05Minimum Span792792
CELAR 06Minimum Interference3,3893389
CELAR 07Minimum Interference300,000343,592
CELAR 08Minimum Interference150262
CELAR 09Minimum Interference15,57115,571
CELAR 10Minimum Interference31,51631,516
CELAR 11Minimum Order2222
GRAPH 01Minimum Order1818
GRAPH 02Minimum Order1414
GRAPH 03Minimum Span380380
GRAPH 04Minimum Span394394
GRAPH 05Minimum Interference221221
GRAPH 06Minimum Interference4,1234,123
GRAPH 07Minimum Interference4,3244,324
GRAPH 08Minimum Order1618
GRAPH 09Minimum Order1818
GRAPH 10Minimum Span394394
GRAPH 11Minimum Interference3,0163,080
GRAPH 12Minimum Interference11,82711,827
GRAPH 13Minimum Interference9,92510,110
GRAPH 14Minimum Order88

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