Frequency Assignments for Swisscom

Data for a GSM network in a city with many locally blocked carriers (148 cells with 1 to 4 TRXs, 707 neighbour relations, 47 carriers available in general but 136 cells are restricted to use, in the worst case, only 10 carriers and 19 carriers as a median value).
Dynamic Tabu Search, Cost 27.211
Supplied by J.N.J.Moon, R.Montemanni, D.H. Smith
Partial assignment supplied by Swisscom together with the scenario.
Supplied by Dirk Beckmann, TU Hamburg-Harburg, costs=27.357
Supplied by Martin Hellebrandt, RWTH Aachen
SAG FAP Tool min_sum on PPro 200, 1h, cost 23.714
Supplied by Hans Heller, Siemens AG

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