Frequency Assignments for siemens3

Data for a GSM 900 network with 366 active sites, 894 cells, and an average of 1.82 TRXs per cell. The available spectrum comprises 55 contiguous frequencies.
Dynamic Tabu Search, Cost 5.186
Supplied by J.N.J.Moon, R.Montemanni, D.H. Smith
k-thin FAP, cost 5.129
Supplied by Mannino, Oriolo and Ricci, University of Rome
Supplied by Dirk Beckmann, TU Hamburg-Harburg
Supplied by Martin Hellebrandt, RWTH Aachen
SAG FAP Tool min_sum, 12 min on PPro 200 cost: 8.4640
No annotation available.
SAG FAP Tool min_sum on PPro 200, 12h, cost 5.259
Supplied by Hans Heller, Siemens AG

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