Frequency Assignments for siemens2

Data for a GSM 900 network with 86 active sites, 254 cells, and an average of 3.85 TRXs per cell. The available spectrum consists of two blocks containing 4 and 72 frequencies, respectively.
Dynamic Tabu Search, Cost 14.275
Supplied by J.N.J.Moon, R.Montemanni, D.H. Smith
k-thin FAP, cost 14.271
Supplied by Mannino, Oriolo and Ricci, University of Rome
Supplied by Dirk Beckmann, TU Hamburg-Harburg
Supplied by Martin Hellebrandt, RWTH Aachen
SAG FAP Tool min_sum, 10 min on PPro 200 cost: 17.3456
No annotation available.
SAG FAP Tool min_sum on PPro 200, 12h, cost 14.751
Supplied by Hans Heller, Siemens AG

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