Frequency Assignments for bradford_nt-10-eplus

Scenario from A. Eisenblätter, Th. Kürner, R. Fauß: Radio Planning Algorithms for Interference Reduction in Cellular Networks. In Communications for the Millenium, Proceedings of the COST252/259 Joint Workshop 1998, University of Bradford, pp. 87-92. Propagation model: E-Plus model; Traffic factor t=10 with new traffic profile!
DC5_IM (DSATUR 5% + (MCF 1-OPT)*)
Supplied by Andreas Eisenblätter, ZIB
k-thin FAP, cost 144.937
Supplied by Mannino, Oriolo and Ricci, University of Rome
Supplied by Dirk Beckmann, TU Hamburg-Harburg
Supplied by Martin Hellebrandt, RWTH Aachen
SAG FAP Tool min_sum on PPro 200, 48h, cost 146.120
Supplied by Hans Heller, Siemens AG

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